Healing Others by Breaking Our Connection to Them

The ‘I am sorry’ mantra goes like this, “I am sorry. Please forgive Me. Love Thanks Divine. I forgive you. You forgive me and release me”.

It will remove the connection between us and the healee. Immediately, healing will happens to the healee.

Case History

A girl got married. It was arranged by her parents. In her husband’s house, she went through lot of suffering. Her husband wasn’t on talking terms with her either.

Mother used to consult me and chant remedies for the sake of her kid. Everyday she called me without fail. When the phone rings, I used to wonder, why healing hasn’t happened. So I affirmed, “I Balakumar forgive you Lakshmi. You forgive me and release me”. Within one day the problem got resolved as the disconnection has happened.

Karmic Connection

When somebody comes to us for healing, it shows we are karmically connected to them. When the connection breaks, the problem is resolved immediately. While chanting I am sorry mantra, we can draw the Reiki symbols too. Healing is thus very simple.

Requesting for Healing

A person can ask you for Reiki in two ways:

  • By a straightforward method – asking you directly
  • When he is angry with you – he is indirectly asking you. As a Reiki channel, your gate of love is open. You have the power of Reiki. He doesn’t have it. He can only fight. You can retaliate with a fight or rectify it with Reiki love. This conflict could be resolved by adding to the affirmation for the highest good of everybody concerned and give it Reiki.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Hi sir nice article. Thanks for the info.

  2. This is a fabulous one, it has worked GREAT wonders in my life situations. Among all the affirmations that is learned and applied so far, TOP most RATING goes for “I AM SORRY” MANTRA.

    This can be called as LIFE MOVER, SITUATION HEALER, RELATIONSHIP ENHANCER, OPPORTUNITY OPENER and many more… you will come to know on applying on your own areas of life situations.

    Thanks for Finding and Sharing with us.

  3. I watched it that in so many cases of breakup u told them to chant this’I AM SORY….’mantra.if u don’t mind can i ask u how it works as if there is no contact between 2 people then how one’s chanting can again bring harmony among them??i mean is nt that a miracle.plz don’t take me wrong,i hv trust so i want to increase that trust.

  4. MC,
    if you think that it is a miracle, let it be. How much tlrust you have and how much do you want to increase?
    Read the Book forgiveness why and how?. Buy from the centre.

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