How Our Reactions to Problems Affect Us

Problems appear in pranic body first

All our problems enter the physical body only after entering our energy body.

Say for example, you are having some problem in the knee, liver or stomach means that one or two months prior to this, the energy body is affected in that particular area.

So maintaining the clean energy body, by realigning the energy body to the flow of Divine energy, you are cleansing, clearing and energizing and preventing the physical problem.

Our thoughts and emotions affects our energy levels

The energy body is also connected to the mind. In other words, mind is also energy. Every thought is energy and every emotion is energy too.

If you have feelings of joy and enthusiasm or any positive emotions and if you have positive thoughts then you are positively contributing to the energy. When he is in a joyful mood he can run 10 miles. If the same person is sad and depressed he cannot run even 1 mile. It means the unwanted emotions – sadness, worries or fears will dampen the energy. They will pull down the energy level by deviating from the energy flow.

Our thoughts and emotions affects our body and organs too

That means our own thoughts, thinking process and emotions have a definite impact on the energy body and in turn on the physical body.

That means each and every organ is connected to the energy body/etheric body mentally as well as etherically. Therefore, our mental thoughts and emotions will have an impact on the physical organs.

However, anger will affect only certain organs, sadness and depression will affect some other organ, and worry will affect some other. For example, while liver is affected by anger, then it will not be affected by worry.

So each and every organ is specific about receiving a particular energy. As far as the receiving of energy is concerned, it is the chakra which decides that, because each and every chakra is connected to certain organs.

When the energy is received in the form of light, each and every chakra is specific in receiving only one color. In that way the energy field is processed and maintained by the energy body.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Naran sir
    Please advise me my husband is having low thyroid problem(taking allopathy medicine for last 4 year) and recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis of wrist and back (initial changes started).



  2. Jaya
    you chant REDCHESTNUT to come out of your worry about your husband. this will help him also.

  3. sir!
    My brother is always a source of worry to my parents.Though he is good in job he gets scared all the time & threatens to leave and also threatens to suicide if he is asked to continue.Due to this my old parents are always mentally upset.Any mantra to help change his mindset and relieve their tensions.He was under anti depressant and stopped himself.Please advise sir!!
    Kind regards

  4. curie
    Managing a depressive patient is very difficult.
    One should have a special think laterally and free himself from worry with the help of Divine. Ask your parents to chant ELM (lateral thinking) SWEET CHESTNUT (Divine help) so that mentally they are free.

  5. Sir!
    Can i chant for my brother ?

  6. sir ! How do i strenghten my solar plexus chakra.i have weak stomach-always prone to infections and get irritable bowels whenever there is little tension.How i strengthen that.

  7. alamelu
    give Reiki to both your solar plexus and heart chakra.

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