Solar Miracles


Please advise me about your precious method that can heal Ovary Cysts. I know a 25-year old girl, for whom her right Ovary has been removed due to tumor and cysts has been found in her left ovary. Can her mother and mother in-law chant for her?


1.       Chant BLUE SAPPHIRE

2.       Pray to sun god, “Sun-god, please send the solar healing rays on — (name of the person), to disintegrate and expel the undead cells of the ovarian cyst.” Pray once and visualize solar rays healing her. She will be alright.

Her Mother and Mother-in-law can chant for her.


Cysts have been found dissolved. No more cysts. Thank God.


Now continue the healing in a different way:

“Sun god, please send the solar healing rays that align every organ every cell of — (the patient’s) body to DIVINE ORDER”.

Visualize the rays filling up the entire body. Thank the sun after 5 minutes and come out of the solar meditation.


Cysts have been dissolved. Thank God. May dear one have healthy life and positive Vibration by the Grace of Lord SUN.


The Gem Remedy Blue Sapphire can restrict the growth of any growth in the body.

The Sun has all the energy to remove the unwanted cells from our body and give the necessary energy and cells to our body.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Thanks DIVINE-SIR for your truly Blessfull DIVINE Advices.GOD BLESS YOU.

  2. Sir,
    i would like to ask can i chant BLUE SAPPHIRE for dissolving
    fibroid growth in my body. How many times should i chant . I had a surgery to remove it previously but again it has come back and i want to avoid one more surgery.Please help.

  3. Sharitha
    do as given in the blog. chant in addition, MIMULUS

  4. Dear Sir,Could you please tell me the bach flower remedy for Hepatitis B?Thank you.

  5. girija
    for Hepatittis B, there are good alternative treatments. It has to be monitored by medical profession. It is a condition, where not only liver is affected, but also kidneyu.From the mental point of view, i can say that the patient needs Agrimony. Liver will be affected too much for a person who has mental torture inside. Those persons who mask their sufferings with cheerful faces, or who do not let other people know -share-their mental status, will have this problem. Take Agrimony 3 pills three times daily.

  6. naran sir,
    If drops are to be taken,how do we take it?
    and sir if 2-3 remedy are to be taken how do we take it in drops.
    Thanks sir

  7. . tilotuma
    put two drops of each remedy in a glass of water shake it well and have small sips every two or three hours.

  8. Dear Naran sir
    i would be very grateful if you could guide me in two crucial situations which we are facing
    to get amicable divorce settlement for my daughter with her reputation and dignity intact. And for her to get a well settled caring stable person soon in her life .

  9. rama
    one thing at a time. to get divorce is the first thing to happen.
    chant RUBY, WALNUT

  10. Sir,
    Can i do this exercisefor th eproper functioning of the LIVER/KIDNEY. If yes, what cud be the prayer.

    My friend’s mother was found malfunctioning of the liver/kidney due to alcohold addiction from a homeopathic doctor. She was complaining of stomach pain suddenly for almost a week. Does not want to go to the doctor. She behaves abrupt and rude enough, abusing the children for no cause.

    The doctor asked for about 20k for the homeopathy medicines. My friend is not in that good position to spend so much. No one to help her also.

    Request your valuable advice for the same.

  11. rdm,
    yes you can do.
    call sun god, ” sun god, please send the solar LIFE ENERGY RAYS to the liver and kidneys of ………”

    visualise the rays filling up and thank the kidneys and liver for receiving the life energy rays and functioning well.

    chant KIDNEYS LIVER CHANGE DIVINE ORDER TOGETHER BE ALONE 100 times over a glass of water and give that water to the patient.

  12. sir i want to grow tall, please the bach flower remedy or gem thearpy,

  13. Sir. I observed lumps in my breast 3 yrs back. I did a mamogram and sonomamogram continuously for 2 years thereafter. The gynaeac said that the lumps are non-canerous…something called FIBRODERMA and there is no reason to worry. Due to personal issues in life, I have not been able to get myself checked this year. Can I also do the above exercise to dissolve the lumps by itself ?

  14. Thanks a lot naran sir…I am very pleased to yours support….

  15. Naran Sir, Namaste.Can I chant the above for dissolving my husbands lung tumor too or is there anything else I can add.
    I already chant Sree Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama as per your advice.
    Please do reply.
    Regards, Uma

  16. Thank you Naran Sir.
    Please also help with cutting our expenses.Our debts are rising and its a very big source of worry not knowing how long this treatment will continue.I have been chanting Vallabham gajananam mantra for basic chakra but nothing has improved financially .Please advise.So far everything that you have told has worked for us.Awaiting your reply.
    Regards ,Uma.

  17. What do I chant to dissolve a breast tumor. It broke through the skin and bled. Need healing to dissolve tumor and repair breast/skin back to normal. Thank you. I chanted Om lum/vum/yum/rum/hum namaha for 3 months.

  18. Dear Sir,

    I also have ovarian cyst. And recently I attend reiki level 2 attunement. Could you please give me more detailed process for chanting BLUE SAPPHIRE. Is (BLUE SAPPHIRE) it mantra or crystal?

  19. I am having utrine fibroids which affects my health badly. I am chanting Blue Sapphire as mentioned above. Over the years though the size of multiple fibroids did not increase neither they dissolve in spite of taking homeopathic and allopathic medicine for it. Please advise. I don’t want to go for surgery.

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