Method to heal long-standing problems

1.       Take a piece of paper. Write your problem on it, using whatever words that comes to your mind.

2.       Draw with hand on the paper Sei He Ki and say, “Release.”  Release all emotions and thoughts related to the problem as they sustain the problem.

3.       Draw Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and say, “From the root”. It goes to the root of the problem and fixes it.

4.       Draw Cho ku rei and say, “Heal, Replace”. Replace the problem with the solution you want or the goal you want to achieve.

5.       Draw Zonar symbol. Will release the desires attached to the goal as more you are attached to the results, the achievements will be delayed.

6.       Draw Rama symbol. Will send the desire to the Mother Earth, where the desire will be transmuted and the objectives of the goal will be realized.

7.       Draw Shanthi symbol. Will bring love to your heart, which will make you whole and complete.

8.       Give hands on Reiki for 10 minutes daily to the paper.

9.       After drawing the symbols, while placing your hands on the paper, keep on chanting for 10 minutes, “QUITE MIND, OPEN HEART, RELAX”.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Do we have to do level 2 reiki to do this exercise? i am reiki 1 channel only.

  2. alamelu,

  3. Sir,
    pranamam…i tried this method for myself.i said i surrender to reiki …it’s working…my issue is getting resolved and i am getting unexpected help from all the people..i feel i am being lead by reiki…Thank you guruji..for your best wishes and guidence…
    sir, can we heal the other persons intentions/problems using this method..? please guide me sir,,

  4. Haripriya
    are you the one who learnt Reiki from me? Even if not so, you can heal others with this method.

  5. sir,
    i’ve recently attended your class at chennai..and got initiated ..Thank you for the guidence sir

  6. Sir I also having problem from last five years it is not solve can I use method to heal long term problems but I m unable to understand about symbols how it can draw or after writing problem on paper on same paper we have to draw symbols or on another paper or we can write symbols name please tell me how to do I m waiting for your reply

  7. nAVEEN,
    YOU HAVE TO LEARN REIKI to understand the symbols

  8. Sir, I have learnt Reiki II from other master here in UAE. Can i use this method to solve the long standing problem? I have attuned to three symbols while i dont know Zonar, Rama and Shanthi symbol. Are these Karuna reiki symbols? Please guide. Is using 3 symbols enough? Thank u

  9. prajna,
    three symbols enough.

  10. Sir, Thank u. Daughter (2 1/2 yrs) has eating problem. Doesnt want to eat at all (be it healthy or junk food). doesnt swallow. takes 2 -3 hrs to eat. shez active and wants to play. i guess it is coz of her recurring cough n cold. I had taken medicinez from u 3 months back.( Willow+R.W. +walnut). For 10 days she ate well. i was so happy. now she has come to same thing. how can i treat her with reiki? I, as a child had troubled my mother for eating. cud that b a reason? Instead of me guessing, it wud b fine if u can guide me and i shall follow it. Thank u for ur divine guidance always. The site has been very helpful. The bach flower CD bought was useful. Havent listened to circular breathing yet.

  11. prajna,
    now give gentian only for a few day.
    Write down in a paper, what you want, “as if happened’ and give Reiki to that intention

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