Skin Problem


This is Nisha here from Hyderabad.

I had learnt Reiki from you as well as I had taken Bach flower treatment for my skin problem.

Now my skin problems cured and I practice Reiki everyday as and when I find time. It is helping me a lot.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Naran sir,can we women find a complete solution to recurring gynaec problems eg uti,yeast infections,pelvic inflammatory disease ,urinary incontinence,uterus prolapse or weak pelvic muscles….like one mantra to solve all these problems!!…would appreciate your guidance as I am sure this would be a common problem for most women…..thank you and best regards…..

  2. rUSHRUSH,
    Your question though puzzling, is quite interesting. All these gyneac and their symptoms have only one common thread.
    “Unable to accept the gender or sexuality in which one is born is there in most of the women. These gyneac problems suggest that the fairer sex is not accepting or constantly resisting her role as a female.
    for women’s urinary tract infections, one is too much attached with her parents- unable to detach and relate well with the in laws. Either homesickness; or comparing the in-laws with their parents.
    Uterus prolapse: total denial and resistance to the mensturation cycles.
    Pelvic inflammation; rigidity in the relationship with the husband.
    Weak pelvic muscles:inability to accept and love oneself; total denial of what is happening; or feeling powerless
    Urinary continence: The mind constantly worries and wants to go back to the child state. Wanting to be taken care.
    This mudra can help all the women generally.
    Right hand thumb touching ring and little fingers. Left hand touching middle finger and ringer finger

  3. I had a miscarriage about ten months back when i concevied for my second baby.. Now i am confused if i have to really go for a second baby. always this runs in my mind i am not able to make a decision of yes or no for a second baby..i am very disturbed.pls help me out to arrive at the best decision.

  4. jayanthi,

  5. Kaberi Prasad

    Sir, I have learnt Reiki 1 & 2 degree. I have skin tan badly on my two arms, face, toes & back shoulder.How could I use reiki power to remove these skin problem? Kindly advise me the areas to be healed sir.

    • kaberi prasad,
      reiki on the problem area.
      and on all chakras in the following order: on hara and throat; on solar plexus and heart; and on back third eye and basic chakra.
      Draw all the symbols and while placing the hands chant TOGETHER BE ALONE

  6. Hello Naran sir my son studying in 10th std is becoming very arrogant not listening anyone not serious about his studies and my daughter studying in 5th Std is very weak in spelling after teaching also she does same mistake my husband often gets headache so Pls give some switch words and suggest how to use it

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