Longing for Celebration and Joy


We used to visit our grandparents house from the maternal side during all summer holidays and at least once in between the annual visits.

Those days are over. Our grandparents are not there anymore. No more hospitable souls to receive us. Of course, my cousin who took over the house is not financially doing well and therefore, no point in blaming him.

That house had given us lot of joy and celebration, a great home to stay with no concerns whatsoever and for multiple socializing activities.

How will the house feel now? Naran says that every house has a soul. What that soul will feel now? Very sad and rejected, I guess.

So I started sending Reiki to it as an attitude of gratitude.

While doing so, a thought crossed my mind – what about the current house we are living in? It’s a new house, which was built over the old house – after destroying it.

If every house has a soul, then the old one had a soul too. How much it would have felt hurt, when it was destroyed, more for selfish reasons than financial situation, which was given as an excuse?

So, I started drawing the Zonar symbol few times. I sensed that the soul of the old house is happy and thankful.

Then I did Sei he Ki few times.

When I started doing Rama symbol, I felt that I was in the middle of a great party that I had never attended before during all my life.

That joy I felt then can never be described in words.


This exercise will strengthen one’s Basic or Root chakra, which stands for stability and safety.

Everybody needs a food, clothes and shelter and what else. Even if you have good food – which you take to satisfy your hunger, you need to come back to your place of shelter.

Sending Reiki to your house will stabilize your life.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. I completely believe in this energy and spirit of places and things and honouring it. Have experienced it personally so many times. I don’t know reiki hence only used prayers and loving thoughts so far. Hope to be able to learn and do reiki too.

  2. Sir help me to heal my cloths for dilwali.

    Sir kindly also suggest remedy for my new dresses, whenever i buy a new costly saree, on my first day of wearing it it gets torn or burnt or some marks are formed , it started since last 2 yrs , since last 2 diwalis my costly sarees are gone , one at the time of leaving for puja the cracker directly came to me only and burnt my sareee badly , last diwali it was nice but i dont know who did mischef with it , they made a cut , which makes it waste. sir 4000/- is not a small amount for me . but i am worried and spent this diwali with 500 rs saree which also has a mark and spoilt.

    this is really upseeting me and worrying me , i do lakshmi puja on diwali day and as a gratitude i dress well thank thank lakshmi devi . but since last 2 diwali’s its happening this way . how do i heal this sir.

    Kindly suggest naran sir

  3. sree,
    after buying the saree, chant walnut willow. chant this after wearing also.

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