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Get into the wonderful world of light and love

When you are initiated into Reiki, you remove yourself from the world of darkness – problems and hatred and move into the world of light and love – solutions.

Who is doing Reiki Initiation?

Here I am not doing the initiation, Dr. Mika Usui, the one who found the Reiki system of healing, is doing the initiation.

Mrs.Takata is responsible for spreading Reiki throughout the world.

Experience of Reiki is wonderful

Reiki, though it is a simple and subtle energy, you will be able to experience the wonderful energy of Reiki and the greatness of it, after you become a Reiki channel. Even though, I have been spending all my life with Reiki, I cannot explain that in words, as one has to experience that to know that.

Your life will be fulfilled thanks to Reiki

  • All your intention, if it is for your highest good can be fulfilled very easily with Reiki. Whatever be your good intention and good desire, if it is for your good, it will definitely manifest with the help of Reiki.
  • You can change your life through Reiki. You can refine your life through Reiki. You can discipline your life through Reiki.
  • You can also send love through Reiki.
  • You can re-establish harmony in your own house with Reiki.

Simply surrender to Reiki and Reiki is ready to do everything for you.

Reiki Initiation

While doing the rhythmic breathing one by one will be called and will get initiated. Till the initiation is over for all, you have to close your eyes. By closing your eyes you are going from darkness into light.

Give Thanks

When you give thank your heart expands and when the heart expands the eyes expresses it with tears. When you think and thank somebody you should get tears in your eyes and that is how you must express your thanks. It is not a word, but the language of divine.

Create Love

Mrs. GS

My daughter went for her third round of audition. Her throat became uncontrollable at the time of singing. However, she managed to do a fair job. 

The first two judges praised her on her good singing abilities, and at the same time pointed out her mistakes. While the third judge abused her terribly, by concluding she was not fit to sing!

During the session, the judges had a bitter fight among themselves. After all this happened, thank Reiki, my daughter did not cry.

I wonder how a person can abuse a child without any reason!  Whom does he hate at that point I fail to understand!   My heart really aches, though I know for sure my daughter will succeed in every step of her career in music.  

Naran S. Balakumar

There is no answer for WHY questions. If you think that whatever he did was not fair and out of context, then please do not bother about it. Ignore it. It is his problem. Instead of feeling hurt and rejected, understand this person needs some healing, some light and some love. Some people ask for it directly and some indirectly in a negative way. Just send Reiki to him and send him to the God source, and forget the incident.

(After two days) Feed back from Mrs. GS

I did send Reiki to the person who abused my daughter. Yesterday, when my daughter went for her fourth audition, the atmosphere was a very different one.  Everyone appreciated her for her singing. She got 90% score and we returned home elated.  Without following your advice, this would not have been possible.  Thanks a million to you and Reiki.

Naran’s Comment

I suggested Reiki Healing in accordance with the basic principles of Reiki. In the emotional drama of life, we tend to forget them. It is normal to get angry after such an incident. “Do not get angry” is a Reiki principle and “Be kind to others” is the fifth principle of Reiki. Sending Reiki to the person, who verbally condemned the daughter, is a way of being kind to others.

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