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The Energy Factor

All over the world, everyone understands the existence of energy and the need of energy.  A person to move from Anna Nagar to T.Nagar needs energy. Energy is available within us.

Energy can be Increased or Decreased

Within us, how are our energy levels are increased or decreased? It depends on how we react to our life situations. If we are happy then energy will be in plenty. If not then that means we will have little energy.

Until our death energy is present. When somebody is dead we say Prana is not there. We check their breath to find that out. Prana and breath are connected. They are not one and the same. Breath is in the body. It needs energy to carry on and that’s called as Prana or Reiki.

Prana is increased or decreased by our minds. Thanks to Reiki, people have found that we could manipulate the universal energy for the highest good of everybody concerned.

Reiki Means…

  • It’s powerful and very subtle.
  • All organs are working in coordination with the universal energy that’s Reiki. Reiki is extending love and light to the cells of the body.
  • Wherever there is less energy we energise that area. We don’t do more than that.

Body, Mind and Prana are Interrelated

To sustain the physical body, we need food – healthy food. Our body grows if we are taking sufficiently good food. Then we are healthy.

After digestion is over everything is converted to oxygen and behind oxygen is Prana (so it increases too). They are bound to each other. So we should eat oxygen- rich food. If so, we will be healthy.

Unfortunately the food we eat doesn’t contain enough oxygen, thanks to environmental pollution. I read in the newspaper, Apples that we import from Fiji and Washington contain nothing but carbon dioxide. When they are transported by airplanes, I believe they are infused with carbon dioxide.

Therefore, preferably we take seasonal fruits that are locally available. Even they are not grown properly these days. Yet we still manage to live because we have enough Prana to sustain us. If Prana is maintained well, health will be maintained too.

How mind affects Prana?

Anger and worry will reduce the Prana inside us. If Prana is reduced, then your physical vitality will also be reduced. Within worry, there is fear and sadness. Anger has jealousy, envy, likes and dislikes behind it.

What will increase Prana then? When you do yoga for example it will and due to that it stabilizes the physical stuff.

Prana also can be increased by having certain states of mind. What are those mental states that increase the Prana and thus our degree of vitality levels? According to Dr. Mikao Usui – the founder of Reiki, the following principles do that:

1. Be honest

You should act with your conscience;

2. Be kind to others – express kindness and love to others.

Even if you see a cockroach struggling to get up from its upside down position, you should help it, to regain its position. This single act alone can increase your Pranic energy thousand fold.

3. Have an Attitude of Gratitude

For anything good done to us, we have to say thanks; especially for parents we have to keep on say love and thanks as we owe so much to them.

Also say thanks to others – even to your enemy. He will become your friend then. Don’t have vengeance and hatred. They not only will sustain the enmity but will reduce Prana as well.

Even inanimate things like the house you live in – say thanks to them.

Intention and Reiki

All our desires and intentions can be fulfilled with the help of Reiki. Reiki works as per our intention. As you intend, energy flows towards that direction or goal. Though, it might take its own route.

Some of our intentions are always fulfilled – say for example eating Dosas or going to Mumbai by flight. Though, there are desires that are not fulfilled. Why? It means the energy of those desires is very low. Let us say we require X degrees of energy to get the work done. We have only X – 30. Then these desires can’t be fulfilled. How to increase their energy level? Give Reiki to those intentions. This will boost the energy level of them. For anything that’s not happening in your life, give it Reiki.

Reiki can change anybody’s life. It’s a subtle form of energy, result of which, we may not be able to see immediately.

Create Love

Mrs. GS

My daughter went for her third round of audition. Her throat became uncontrollable at the time of singing. However, she managed to do a fair job. 

The first two judges praised her on her good singing abilities, and at the same time pointed out her mistakes. While the third judge abused her terribly, by concluding she was not fit to sing!

During the session, the judges had a bitter fight among themselves. After all this happened, thank Reiki, my daughter did not cry.

I wonder how a person can abuse a child without any reason!  Whom does he hate at that point I fail to understand!   My heart really aches, though I know for sure my daughter will succeed in every step of her career in music.  

Naran S. Balakumar

There is no answer for WHY questions. If you think that whatever he did was not fair and out of context, then please do not bother about it. Ignore it. It is his problem. Instead of feeling hurt and rejected, understand this person needs some healing, some light and some love. Some people ask for it directly and some indirectly in a negative way. Just send Reiki to him and send him to the God source, and forget the incident.

(After two days) Feed back from Mrs. GS

I did send Reiki to the person who abused my daughter. Yesterday, when my daughter went for her fourth audition, the atmosphere was a very different one.  Everyone appreciated her for her singing. She got 90% score and we returned home elated.  Without following your advice, this would not have been possible.  Thanks a million to you and Reiki.

Naran’s Comment

I suggested Reiki Healing in accordance with the basic principles of Reiki. In the emotional drama of life, we tend to forget them. It is normal to get angry after such an incident. “Do not get angry” is a Reiki principle and “Be kind to others” is the fifth principle of Reiki. Sending Reiki to the person, who verbally condemned the daughter, is a way of being kind to others.

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