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Naran S Balakumar

  1. namaste,

    I have been going though the articles on your website and am actually impressed by the users experience.

    I wish to seek your guidance for the following issue:

    I am desperately waiting for my study visa, and because there has been no news of it yet, i am unable to leave my current job, focus on my day to day activities, feel irritated and lethargic and restless.

    could you suggest a mantra which will pacify me as well as materialize the visa as soon as possible.

    hope to hear from you.

    warm regards,
    ankit singhal

  2. I have noticed that every time I do self healing, my appetite is increasing drastically. Is it something I need to know? Am I doing something wrong? I usually do the self healing right before I go to sleep, the only thing I can think of is that I don’t get to drink water after because i fall asleep in the process?

    Thank you for your time,

  3. Sir, My wife is having lot of body heat and dryness due to less of hemoglobin(10.5). Could you please provide any solution for it.
    Thanks you..

    • samir,
      body heat is not because of less haemoglobin.
      Check her kidney function; find out whether she urinates well; whether she is drinking enough water.
      ask her to chant OM HREEM TAHA this will reduce heat

  4. i am 34 yrs old and still single and unmarried. i recently learnt 1 and 2 degree reiki to solve the problem. but i dont know how to use it effectively to get the desired results. i am highly frustrated as am not able to find the right marriage partner.

  5. Hello

    I like your website very much.

    Regarding the eyeglasses removal there are so many lalitham mantra. Could you please suggest me the right lalitham mantra?

  6. hi,
    I had learn 3rd degree reiki…I m finance job. but not satisfied with it..getting less salary …wanted to study ahead from last 4 year but can’t do….now want to change my line…what should i do & also not getting good marriage proposal?? please help..

  7. Dear respected Sir Naranji
    Sir would you kindly give me power symbol for my husband knees to heal have earlier given me to chank Hare Rama Hare Krishna Change divine Order,along with that kindly send healings reiki for him and bless him with your Divine power.what are the Rules to recive Healing Reiki for my husband.
    Thank you For Being part of Our Life.
    God Bless You

  8. sir i have joined my son who is 2 years 4 months in nursery. his teacher says that he does not open his mouth. he does not interact with anyone in the class. he plays and if she asks him to do anything he does but does not open his mouth. he is active in the class. he speaks with us in the house. i am very worried about him. its been two months i have joined him in nursery. she said i did not hear him speak for the past two months. he did not utter a single word.

    please help me sir

  9. R Mohan

    pls guide ive learnt only 2 levels of reiki. Can i do reiki myself to fulfill any of my wish or for any of my task

  10. also want to tell that i’ve not practicised 21 days self healing so can i do reiki for a task without this. i got attunement on Jun this year & have not done any practice till now

    • Once you are a Reiki channel you are always one.

      Take a piece of paper, write your goals and objectives, worries and fears and everything that comes to your mind.

      Keep the paper in left hand. Draw all the symbols over the paper for as many times as you can. Then close the hands with paper inside them. Keep it for 10 to 15 minutes.

      It is the best thing to do to make things happen. But, when it will happen, nobody can say.

      All the best

  11. Thanks for ur quick response. Few queries are in my mind. Can we write more than one wish on a single paper & give reiki & how many times we need to draw all symbols on the wish paper & i hope symbols need to be drawn only for one day?Lastly while the paper is in hands for 10-15 mins do we need to say something during that period……….thanks inadvance

    • Keep life simple, one problem at a time.
      Draw symbols any no of times until your hand pains. I keep drawing the symbol whenever I can and wherever

      Just do it.

  12. hi
    since last more than 2 years about 3-4 persons gave healing to me for my biggest wish of my life.2 persons are still giving.but nothing worked out.all are surprised y this is so if its my negativity or my karmas of this life or past life. nobody is able to understand. ive learnt reiki can do miracles. how can it happen pls guide.

  13. Can anybody give reiki to save my marriage? I am in a desperate state. I really need help. This is my third marriage and it broke off within just a week of marriage. It is nearly 10 months now and i am in a hopeless state. I am not a reiki channel. Please can anybody help me giving distant reiki?

  14. Please advise how to use reiki symbols to find a lost item

    Thanks – Ratti

  15. Hello and greetings, im in a very terrible situation, i used some fraud documents to get my visa and one of friends complained this to immigration and police came and checked all my documents, i was afraid and confirmed dat im wrong and asked for forgiveness, they hav released me on bail as i have a two month old baby, i just want to be free from this mess so nothing happens to me and im set free and forgiven please help urgent

  16. Hi,
    I am a reiki channel but out of practice. Usually prefer touch healing. I want to make a reiki intention box.Please help on how to word the intention to get a job.

    Many thanks,

  17. Im ritika and im 25 yrs old I m having sum blockage in my right nostril for wich doctor has suggested surgery and I alredy had 1 surgery before also 5 yrs back…is there any remedy for dus so dat u can avoid surgery..plz help

  18. Im ritika 26 yrs old n im having blockage in my right nostril and doctor suggested surgery…can yu plz give sum remedy to avoid dis surgery

  19. Hi ,
    have a nice day .
    I’m just take Reiki 2 course , I read your posts for common ailments .
    there you mention zoner water , can you explain what is zoner water and how to make .
    and how to charge water with symbols
    Jaspal Singh

  20. I want a girl to love me but the girl is affarid of her family as her family has stop her to talking to me so how can i solve this situation through reiki.

  21. My wife mother is instigating my wife not to be with me. I love my wife and she too love me. But she is coward in front of her mother and she listen to her, SO SHE Behaves egoistic. Can u help. I do reign for guidance for her sadh buddi. She understand that what is right and wrong.

  22. Namaste Maran ji,

    I have started learning Reiki recently for self healing and doing the 21 days self healing and on my 9th day today. My intentions are to leave a happy life with my partner and kids , but yesterday he night he told he does not want to have any relation ship with me for 1 year. I am very confused as what has gone wrong? Can you please help.

  23. I wish to do healing for my father – liver cirrhosis/fibrosis, diabetes. My mother has lot of worry and peptic ulcer, lot of health problems. Is there a way for the family to forgive me (they feel) has created all the emotional problems. I wish to do the chanting. Thank you.

  24. Im 30yr.,n suffring from left side pralysis due to brainstock,from one and half year, can i get improvment by reiki,plz give me guidence , im in big probulm,help me plz reply soon thanks

  25. I dont knw reikhi can i chat blue sapphire and what is blue sapphire how to chant it?

  26. Nagalakshmi vaidyanatham

    Dear sir,
    I had breast cancer left side and the tumor was removed last month by surgery. I was diagnosised triple negative disease which means chances of re occurrence of tumor is there. Hence i am undergoing chemotherapy. Since medical science do not cure the root cause so i would like to learn Reiki healing. But my husband and child do not believe in reiki. Kindly suggest how to learn reiki with their consent and heal my self and otherd

  27. Nagalakshmi vaidyanatham

    Dear sir,
    I had breast cancer left side and the tumor was removed last month by surgery. I was diagnosised triple negative disease which means chances of re occurrence of tumor is there. Hence i am undergoing chemotherapy. Since medical science do not cure the root cause so i would like to learn Reiki healing. But my husband and child do not believe in reiki. Kindly suggest how to learn reiki with their consent and heal my self and others

  28. which reiki symbol can be used to find an right life partner ?.
    WIth love and light

  29. Kindly share any mantra or method to make money in stock markets

  30. Kindly share any mantra to make money in stock markets

  31. hi what is the meaning of Reiki n how it heals

  32. Sir,
    A guy loved me so badly and made me love him back.but now he is no more interested and says that he didn’t love me. He don’t want my friendship also.sir,please suggest mantra for him getting back to me again and talking to me as before he used to do.
    hope to hear from you.
    With regards,

  33. Namaste 🙏
    Please help. My house helper is nowadays started to house lift. I donot know how many important things she picked. I sat her down and explained that it is not good & that she can ask me if she ever needs anything instead of stealing it. She agreed. Next day took her salary without my knowledge and then stopped coming to work. She also took a few thousands loan from me. She is indeed a good person. I just want her to realize and come back to work. Please help.

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