Implicated in a false case


My father has been implicated in a false court case.

I have learnt Reiki. How can I help him?


  1. Take a piece of paper.
  2. Write his name and case no. etc., followed by the names of the Bach Flower Remedies ROCK WATER and PINE.
  3. Draw with hand on the paper Sei He Ki and say, “Release.”
  4. Draw Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen  and say, “From the root”
  5. Draw Cho Ku Rei and say, “Heal, Replace justice”.
  6. Give hands on Reiki for 10 minutes daily to the paper.
  7. After drawing the symbols, while placing your hands on the paper, keep on chant, “Quite Mind, Open Heart, Relax”


Rock Water will help you to find justice and Pine will help him to prove his innocence and make him free from being accused.

Describe the problem or write the problem details on a piece of paper and then give Reiki to it. This is one of easy methods to solve a problem.

Additionally, we have written the names of the remedies relevant for the situation to improve upon the results.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Respected Naran Sir, Mohan Sir
    Namaskar, Charan Vandana.
    Sir my belief getting stronger ur divine help & remedies perfect thanks.
    I’m trying from 6 years to heal my relationship with my sister-in-laws(in india) & my sister’s
    in-laws (in canada) they are related.
    My brother-in-law his mother , sister & brother all playing politics hiding their own mistake
    s. My brother-in-law was kicked out from jo
    b reason of love affair with boss’s wife. His boss get angry & he did complaint to canada immigration about his brother-in-law(my sister-in-laws) son and he denied for visa.
    My brother-n-law has fight with my sister and he through her out with two kids . I’m supporting my sister, he don’t like it and for that reason that false ellegation came on me , he told my sister- in-laws i did that complaint which is not true.
    My sister- in-laws owes me 15 lakhs and they find excuse to not pay back , stop talking not picking phone. I’m sorry my story is more than enough but i want to explain get right remedy
    for for this problem.
    1- I want to clear that false elligation
    2- To heal my relationship with my sister-in-law and my brother-in-laws ,his family . Life is so short i want everyone live with paece&harmony . Dues get back remedy u gave following that let see . Pls sir tell me i didn’t do nothing wrong why this happening . With Reiki cleanse & healing my self. I love ur blog so intersting stories & learning new everyday. Thanks pls…… help.

  2. Respected Sir, namaskar
    Sir pls don’t mind i want to clear i am doing right – write on piece of paper “i release the part of me that damaged my image in my relatives/community. I open and allign to part of me that my (name of the persons) to appreciate/ respect me. Because they are saying to everyone we did that compaint and pls explain i can write flower remedy “ROCK WATER,PINE”. Sir pls…..
    Humble parnam.

    • Sorry sir i posted on my siter’s email address she does not have any phone or access to ur blog she posted her problems by my phone. Sks is my baby sister and i told her about u r blog. Thanks sir i think u can under stand that when our loved one in a pain .

      • Hi sks this site is under maintenance and u can find naran ji on facebook, til den u can follow his advice from his previous blogs like above

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