Joy can never be described in words

Give Reiki to all the houses you have lived in.


We used to visit our grandparents house from the maternal side during all summer holidays and at least once in between the annual visits. Those days are over.

That house has given us lot of joy and celebration, a great home to stay with no concerns whatsoever and multiple socializing activities. How will the house feel now? You say that every house has a soul. What that soul will feel now? Very sad and rejected, I suppose.

So I started sending Reiki to it as an attitude of gratitude. While doing so, a thought crossed my mind – what about the current house we are living in? It’s a new house, which was built over the old house.  If every house has a soul, then the old one had a soul too. How much it would have felt hurt, when it was destroyed?

So, I started drawing the Zonar symbol few times. I sensed that the soul of the old house is happy and thankful. Then I did Sei he Ki few times. When I started doing Rama symbol, I felt that I was in the middle of a great party that I had never attended such a great one in my life.

That joy can never be described in words.


This exercise will strengthen one’s Basic or Root chakra, which stands for stability and safety. Everybody needs a food, clothes and shelter and what else. Even if you have good food – which you take to satisfy your hunger, you need to come back to your place of shelter.


The very next day after doing the exercise, I got a huge profit in share business. I think it is a sign of the stability you are talking about. I will continue to do this exercise.

Sending Reiki to your house will stabilize our lives.

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About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Can one draw these symbols, if u r not attuned by them?

    My mother n sister have learnt reiki till 1st degree.
    Can they draw symbols?

    I learnt till 3rd degree.but used only 5 symbols,not others.
    They r
    – shk
    – swastik on trishul.

  2. Hello Sir,
    I have done Reiki under you level 1 and 2. Some or other day I am having issues in my daily life. I’m getting help from wolf in many things, but depression is again and again coming back. I did tapping to release the limitting pattern,it helped at that time, but again same thing repeats. I’m always insecure about some known and unknown fears. Now-da-days I’m getting anxiety attack. I’m just fed off. Don’t know what to do.
    Request you kindly guide me.

  3. We are going on short holiday trip…
    How can make our trip safe ,peaceful and happy one.
    I know we can chant “FIND DIVINE ORDER”.
    I have studied Reiki upto 3 levels.
    Thank you

  4. m
    Violet flame prayer for safe journey: “My journey is a being of Violet fire. It is the purity god’s desire”
    also i read this in some blog

    For pilgrimage tour Gorse and Clematis. You will have a wonderful trip.

  5. m i learnt only 2 levels of reiki long time back so no idea

  6. m i think u can write affirmation on a slip & give reiki to it as normally we do
    Also u can chant “WOFL SAFE” while travelling & ask wolf to protect
    R Mohan suggested this to me & i do it

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