Deserve A Better Life Through Reiki

Gita has been working in the Sales department for last 20 years. She was tipped to be the next branch manager where she has to manage four to five branches. Everybody thought she deserve that position. While her chief officer from Honk Kong felt otherwise and wanted to get the branch manager from outside.

It was decided to advertise in newspapers to fill the position. She wrote an affirmation on a piece of paper and gave Reiki to it.

They advertised twice, yet no response from outside. As time was running out she was promoted to that post.

She thanked all the people. Did send Reiki to them and to her chief officer (to do so write the names of the people in the paper and give Reiki to it), as well as for the affirmation she wrote.

Pass Your Exams without Fail

A boy studying 12th standard is studious and a first rank holder. During his final exams and just before the last two exams, he was infected with chicken pox. His parents gave him Reiki. He got recouped with lot of energy in his body.

He got permission to write the exam in a separate hall as the disease is contagious. He passed very well with flying callers. This couldn’t have happened but for Reiki.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. My son is appearing in the Exam in May 2013. Please explain in details that how to give REIKI for him

  2. atma,
    write in a paper what you want, as if achieved and give give reiki till the results come
    place it on the left palm. draw all the symbols and close it with the right palm. give reiki daily for 10 minutes.
    visualise the exam hall on the specified date fill up the hall with reiki and fill up your son also with reiki, visualising him happily writing the exam.
    daily draw sei he ki symbol on his third eye. you can draw as many times as possible before he sits to study.

  3. Hi Naran sir,
    I have already given exam in May 2013 but I haven’t received my result yet,but i’m fearing since I know I’ve not work so well for the exam.But since its my 2nd time,I want to have a passing result with a good grades through which I can easily apply for university.Any suggestion how can I have a passing result with good grades after having given my exam and before I get my result in Aug 2013?please and thanks!!

  4. hello sir I have 15 backlogs of my past and 6 of present total 21 I have to clear them by this novemebr as I am in my final year I am scared and I am not able to concentrate remember or understand please help me to get passed in all of them with the mantra sir please please help

  5. Hi Naran sir,
    My nephew is a very bright and hardworking student . He is doing his software engineering second year. He always gets grades B And C when he has to get A and S. Always has to send his paper for re evaluation .this has been the pattern with him always. How do I help him with reiki( level 3)so that he gets what he deserves. Thank u very much.

  6. I did not pass my exams. However when I spoke to my teacher she has given hopes on passing. I will be intimated on my marks by today evening. Can you kindly help me to manifest to pass my exams.


  7. Ekta Varshney

    Hello sir, i am Ekta Varshney. I am CA final student. Only 3 papers left to become CA Ekta. Sir i failed in earlier attempt and now i have fear for exams and i can’t concentrate properly on my studies. Please help me.

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