Prayer for Abundance

For you, your parents, family and friends

Draw all the Reiki symbols.

“Reiki! Flow through me for the next 15 minutes and fill up Dakini Devi of my basic chakra with Reiki, expressing my thanks and gratitude. Bring the necessary golden magnetic rays of abundance to fill up all my chakras, all cells of my body, all consciousness of my mind, fill up all my father’s chakras, all cells of my father’s body and all of his consciousness”.

You may do the same for other members of your family, your friends and relatives.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Good day sir I would like to get remedy on behalf of my father who is 60plus.He is very well educated and has retired as central govt employee.Now after retirement he is creating hell lot of problem for us family memebers.We advised him to engage himself in voluntary work or part time job.But he never leaves the house,interferes in all family members affairs,quarrels with neighbours and us children.Now everyday he is bent on cleaning the house but actually he is creating more mess.If we tell him we will do the cleaning he never listens and gets angry.Please give remedy so that my father goes out of the house and do some work.We are not interested that he should bring money just want him to stay mentally healthy by going out and doing some job.He has very good offers even at this age.All his friends are doing something.Nowdays he does not talk to friends also he has cut off from them.Please help us in finding a solution how to make our father to get in contact with his friends,collegues and also do some part time work outside.

    Sorry one more thing after retirement my father did some job but his younger brother small by just 1 yr became very jealous that even at this age my father was earning very good income and slowly started poisoning my fathers mind. All of a sudden my father resigned and from then on all the problems began.
    My father’s brother believes in all wrong rituals.We are scared that he has done some harm in the form of black magic to my father.

    Helpless daughter

    • helpless daughter,
      give him the flower remedies CHICORY BEECH WILLOW WALNUT WILDROSE each 4 pills mixed in water and give that water three or four times a day.
      chant together divine daily for 300 times.

  2. Thanks a lot sir for the help.
    He is a diabetic patient so how can i give him the sugar pills? Any other alternative solution.

  3. Hello sir,

    A friend of mine was asked to heal her parents wholly to heal her past for three days. Now, she has completed this for three days. So, what can be the results.

  4. Roopa,
    ask her to for 7 more days.

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