Target Your Goals through Reiki

If you say, “I want to be successful in business” then it means that there is a lack of success in your business and this area is not receiving required energy either from body or mind. To make your business a successful one, give it Reiki – the universal energy, on a regular basis.

Giving Reiki to Your Goals and Objectives

How does Reiki work here?

  1. I am not successful in one area of life because there is internal resistance – otherwise known as psychological reversal or internal self sabotage mechanism. Reiki heals this internal resistance.
  2. Some of our intentions are always fulfilled – say for example eating Dosas or going to Mumbai by flight. Though, there are desires that are not fulfilled. Why? It means the energy of those desires is very low. Let us say we require X degrees of energy to get the work done. We have only X – 30. Then these desires can’t be fulfilled. How to increase their energy level? Give Reiki to those intensions. This will boost the energy level of them. For anything that’s not happening in your life, give it Reiki.
  3. Reiki channels are successful because they work on the affirmations with lots of perseverance. When we fail, we form a belief – a self-limiting belief. We have to remove that from the mind. We can remove it through Reiki.

Forming Affirmations – there is a structure behind it

  1. Write the goal as if it has already happened (affirmation) and give Reiki to it.
  2. Add to all the affirmations, “Reiki heal the intention for the highest good for everybody concerned”. Why should we add this sentence to the affirmation? This is surrendering to Reiki, as only on a surrender things will happen. When we believe that Reiki can do it, it will start working.
  3. We need to do different intentions on different paper. If one intention is healed, we don’t have to give Reiki to it. Though you can give Reiki for all the affirmations put together.
  4. Or use a Reiki box where you can have multiple affirmations inside it and give Reiki to it. The box will be charged permanently and therefore any papers (stuff) kept inside the box will be energised quickly.
  5. Draw all the symbols. Need not be in order, for example you can draw Zonar many times before drawing another symbol. You can use both traditional and Reiki symbols here.
  6. Have the hands over the box or the individual affirmation (paper) for a minute or two. It (box or affirmation paper) will be energized with Reiki.
  7. Instead of doing nothing while hands are placed, you may chant, “I am sorry, please forgive me, love, thanks, divine”. This will provide additional healing to the affirmation.

Saved from Tsunami – a Case History

If there is a problem in the society that means there is less energy. Reiki can be useful to handle that. I have a friend, who was saved from tsunami, by doing the Violet Flame meditation and giving Reiki to her house. While houses around her house were destroyed, her building remained intact, safe and sound.

Intention and Reiki

All our desires and intentions can be fulfilled with the help of Reiki. Reiki works as per our intention. As you intend, energy flows towards that direction or goal. Though, it might take its own route. Reiki can change anybody’s life. It’s a subtle form of energy, result of which, we may not be able to see immediately.

None of your intentions will go unfulfilled if you use Reiki. I challenge you on this!!!

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir NAranji
    Sir how to MAke Water with different reiki symbols?
    My sister has sciatica .My second question is can anybody make such uses of water even if he /she has not attune to reiki?Kindly guide me sir.?Thanks

  2. ftrrs
    learn Reiki where ever you are. Then i will tell you by giving you a manual on reiki colour therapy by which you can prepare.

  3. Hi Naran Sir

    I am a reiki master. I want your reiki manuals, can i buy them. Thanks to let me know if ok.


  4. . jayanthy
    what mauals you want ?
    There is one book TRUE SPIRIT OF REIKI. This you can use for level one and level 2. This will cost you Rs.50/- mail to

  5. Dear Sir CAn my sister do Reiki Symbol water method and give to sick person .she has done level one reiki.
    Kindly reply.Thanks

  6. trrs
    the symbols are taught in level 2. After learning level 2, she can draw the symbols.

  7. Sir, I really love a boy but nobody from either side are ready for our marriage. Can reiki help me out to solve this problem of mine as I am really getting into the state of depression n so the person on the other side. Plz help.

  8. alka singh,
    you can give Reiki for the marriage. Write in a piece of paper “marriage of …………………… with the acceptance of elders.
    write also, “Reiki reject if it is bad for our highest good. Retain and attract one who is good to me.”
    Give Reiki to that paper

  9. sir,namaste.i am a regular reader of your blog.let me know can you heal my ailment through reiki as i am staying far distance from you. b.dash

  10. Can we give reiki on paper of affirmation and in exam paper also if we are only 1st degree/level attuned. Please reply ASAP. Thank you.

  11. I am working for a company past from 11th April 2014 till date I have not received my salary please let my boss pay me salary more than what I expect. Please Reply Thank you.

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