My reactions affect my dear ones


I myself studied REIKI all three levels, merlin trinity, and angel therapy.

Still holding fear, distrust, lack of love, confidence, self-worth, and must be something more, which is affecting people deeply connected with me. My kids suffer too.

I want to improve as well as heal myself and them too.


First heal your fears.

Write all your fears in a paper.

Then write “Reiki heal all my fears for my highest good”.

Keep the paper in the hand and give Reiki.

Do this daily for ten minutes.

Then take up the next issue.


Fear represents darkness. Reiki can convert them in LIGHT and LOVE.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Naranji,
    I have also done 2 levels of Reiki and 1 level of pranic healing. Even if i am very interested in doing this, I find that I have no motivation to do it. I want to take healing as a profession, but I don’t know how to go about it because I am not motivated on interested in anything. I have been a homemaker for the past 6 yrs, because of my disinterest. I want to do something which will interest me and also help me to support my family financially. I get frustrated by all this. i am taking scleranthus, walnut and wildrose . How do i find out what interests me so much to make it as a career? please help

  2. sashi,
    take scelranthus and wildoat separately, for one month.Take a list of what gives you happiness while doing. Give marks to each of the activity. Then select the top most.
    chant i release my resistance to do anything. I accept myself totally.

  3. Sir ,I m a shy person..i think so.But after marriage ….I think improve a lot.earlier usually I felt so uncomfortable for going to party or to person whom i dnt know very much.I usually avoid by saying I ll get bored…or some other reasons.
    secondly .. in my home i very much happy comfortable.. and confident..but outside I think i m shy.. sometimes keep myself last….eg if my neighbour will say something that i dnt like..i ll not oppose..,or like if my neighbour called my maid without asking me..i will not say anything,though i feel bad… it is like that i keep myself always last…
    even when i was younger..i did same thing..
    i was the last girl standing in the queue.though i was very good student…..dnt consider myself.. dont express myself.. about what i want…
    what to do sir…pls help me…

  4. m,
    Take the flower remedies CENTAURY WILLOW PINE.
    Put each 5 pills in a glass of water and have small sips from that water every one or two hours from morning to evening.

  5. I have a very lovely family. My husband is a very sweet and very caring man. I have a big concern. He is over possessive and he is very stressed when he feels when others especially men comes and talks to me or when I mix with others. He is very stressed when he takes us for a shopping or even for a social gathering in the family. He has lots of restrictions by himself and he imposes it to me and also to my daughter to some extend. I want to have a freedom of movement and I want my husband to change this character of his. That would make our life very beautiful and meaningful. I dedicate my happiness for him to be happy, but inside me I’m so sad, especially when I see how the others have the freedom to move and mix. I’m almost confined to the four walls. Moving outside with my hubby will give me lots of mental strain. Otherwise all is well with us.

  6. sreenanda,
    you take the flower remedies Agrimony chicory willow pine.each two pills three times a day.
    Give him chicory holly. put 5 pills each in water and give him.

  7. Sir I have also learned 2 levels .I can also do the above steps to release my worries and fear about my health problem .
    Daily I say I release my fear, worries and doubts at the feet of the divine, I open align and resonate with supreme divine order, ( as seen from ur blog). The same words i can give reiki to it.? or anything else to add to it. Coz i hv constant worries and fear as doctor suggested for valve surgery and I am not in favour of doing it.
    sir please suggest me sir,

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