Decide the Best Course of Action

The traditional Reiki symbols Sei He Ki and Cho Ku Rei works on our thoughts and our Pranic body.

The Karuna Reiki symbols – especially Zonar, Rama and Shanthi, work on our emotions.

So healing takes place completely if we use all these Reiki symbols.

Of course, Reiki finds its own way to heal.

It decides the best course of action for everybody concerned.

 We just need to give ourselves totally – surrendering to Reiki.

Believe that Reiki will take care of everything in the way, our life needs to be taken care off.

And it will!!!

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. radha narayanan

    How to use bach remedies/mudras to get focussed on a particular thing/work.I start work and leave midway due to lack of focus/difficulty.How do i bring focus /mindfiulness & complete tasks.

  2. radha narayanan,
    take the flower remedies waterviolet oak chestnutbud scleranthus clematis. Have sips of this flower mixture
    it is for focus

  3. Hello Sir,

    Since last 7-8 years I developed getting vibration on my body. It may be any where like eye, shoulder, back etc.. Whenever I get vibration on my left part of the body certainly I will get bad news or something bad will happen to me and when it vibrates on the right side definitely I will hear some good news . Most of the time I receive only left vibrations compared to right. If I am planning to do 4-5 tasks I don’t know which one is going to fail, hence I keep on postponing the things. Most of the time I know in advance which one is going to fail or success. I would like to get rid of these vibrations. Is there any remedy for this problem?

    Thanks in advance


  4. Thanks Divine Grace.

  5. Dear sir
    Many thanks to you for writing such helping block.I stumbled across it while searching something on Google.
    Sir i need your help.

    I am having health problems since last seven years. I have continouus infections in pelvic organs, genital and urinay infections. I have changed many doctors.Tried so many antibiotics,homeopathy, ayurveda but nothing helped.Kindly help as i am in lot of pain and frustration because of it.It is also hindering in my married life.Also because of it i had to take leave from work, so hindering professional life also.
    Thanks in advance

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