Energize Your Home and Office

Home Affairs

For Studies: Sei He Ki, as it is a brain activating symbol

If your bed room lacks energy, then draw all the symbols over the room.

While milk is boiled, and before eating any food give Reiki to them, as Prana and oxygen contained in them is increased.

For the house where you are staying, or over the address written on a paper, give Reiki

Give Reiki to drinking water and make others drink it. Spray the Reiki water over the floor, and house garden.


The symbol can be drawn in front of the main door of your house or office.  This will help to cleanse that place and protect from the negative rays.

When there is no promotion: give Reiki to both Hara Chakra and Throat Chakra (keep your hands – left hand on Hara and right hand on throat – to make known your potentials.

For a Congenial office atmosphere, give Reiki to office, visualizing the office is filled with Reiki, and everybody in it.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. dear sir naranji
    my father has developed a small swelling on rt side of chest somewhere below collar bone .it comes up on sitting and goes away on lyeing down
    it pains also
    he went to see doctor who examined and advised fnac test but reports are inconclusive
    now doctor says that my father may have to undergo repeat FNAC test or biopsy of swelling or ct scan
    sir my father is already suffering from some stomach problem for long time
    can you please suggest some remedy/mantra etc for this swelling

  2. Dear Mr.Naranji,

    Where I am working at present that factory is making losses and partners are in court. I need remedy to make this factory working with 100% with profit. I want to become a partner in this factory but without any investment. I want my all staff to be Happy all the time

    • atma
      how can you run without investment?
      what is the present position of the factory in terms of assets and liabilities?

      • Dear Mr.Naranji
        Presently is in heavy losses. Lot of Liabilities. I am running now with some business. No payment to creditors at present due to losses and no cash flow. I want to turn this factory in profit. Reduced lot of expenses.

        • aatma
          reducing the expenses will not generate cash flow.
          Download a picture of pink tourmaline and Mimulus and keep both of them in your pockdt.

  3. naranji we are not getting any tenants to our house we recently renovated and put coloure but still no one is coming for rent kindly s
    help me in this matter why this is happening to my house.if any one come they are vacating in 2 months .

  4. Friend
    chant Together find divine tenant give count now
    call wolf for help

  5. kavitha ganapathi

    namasthe guruji, iam very happy to inform u that all your chants many many chants i used for my son who was on bed for 5months with major accident with pelvic fractures and many internal problems,i am very happy to inform my son is able to walk by his own with outany support,,he is in betech 1st year please send ur blessing he is mayank thanks guruji.

    • kavitha ganapathi

      guruji i hav another question ,with your chant we can stop my husbands transfer since 4 month ,because of my son,s bad heath (mayank kindly give me a mantra so that my husbad will get a transfer with in city limits,i alnone cant manage mayank college his college is away 50km from my house,another sloka for mayank physical fit ness his class room is in 3rd floor,mayank hasrod in his right leg with 2plevic fracture,he is walking but still needs stamina.


      thanking u


  6. Sir, I am doing paying guest accomodation for the IT companies for the past 3 years… For the past 3 mnths my business is very dull and most of the rooms are empty and i cudnt manage my daily expenses.. Pls help me to overcome this problem and i shud get more people for my guest house.Thank you.

    • jathish
      The empty rooms point out that there is lack, insufficiency in your service. have you ever thanked those who stayed in the rooms. Giving accommodation and serving food is an opportunity given by god.
      Why are you doing this service to people?
      In your previous life,
      you did not take care of your parents, who gave you life with their blood and who fed you throughout their life.
      You are doing the service which you denied to your parents.
      Do this service to each and every client with the thought and belief that you are serving your parents.
      chant TOGETHER CHANGE DIVINE ORDER NOW ON when you see the empty rooms. do this daily seeing the empty rooms or visualise the empty rooms,till they get filled.
      Thank the person and divine once the room is filled up. Daily for 5 minutes in the morning chant THANKS DIVINE ORDER.

      chant the following to manifest good clients.
      The meaning: learn to manage, Begin to Bring Now divine clients to give them service and then continue to count.

  7. My boss wants to sell factory in India as early as possible. Please suggest some Mantra.. Mantra practice will be done by me…I am working with him

  8. Dear Sir,

    can I have switchword/mantras for clearing a room? I mean, for cleansing a room of negativity and restoring to a near-clean bright state?


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